Dramatic (less) Life

As drama lover, I saw many dramatic scenes which I don’t want to imagine if my life turn down like them. That’s why I prefer a realistic plot drama to extraordinary life.

As School Counselor of High School, I have seen many problems which appear because of their own self. Everyone have problem, but their attitude is whats really matter.

Moreover for my teenagers student, how responsive they are, just make their own problem become bigger and too complicated to solve. That’s the reason why I am here beside them 😊

Pan to Soup to Neko biyori is one of my favorite example of facing big problem with calm attitude. Let me tell you a lot of things about this relaxing drama πŸ˜„

This drama told about a life of Aki-chan, 40something woman who just lost her mother because accidental fall in toilet. She worked in publishing company where led her to meet Sensei.

Then, everything start when she choose to resign from their work because of the new management things which not suitable with her. That decision led her to reopen her mother eating place (too simple to called it as restaurant).

Aki chan’s struggle starts here. How she deals with the pain of losing her Mother, giving up of her career, and facing her life. Her choice to open her style of eating place is another journey to discover her self.

And at that time being, someone from her mother’s past come and give another shocking news. How she deal with that shocking fact is completely awesome!

I love how she deals with everything. Keep calm and cool. No hard feeling, no drama. She is her and she is accepting her own self completely. Her compassion of her own life is cool!

This drama is somekind of relaxing vibe for me. Sometimes when I starts acting out like drama queen, I play this 4-lenghts- episodes dorama and relax my drama side.
I choose to be as cool as Aki chan, even though that’s pretty hard. But, I will living my life as dramaticless as her.

Good bye, drama queen~! πŸ˜„

PS: They have a cute OST! []


Coping focused Emotion

Dalam dunia psikologi yang -ceritanya- saya pelajari saat kuliah dulu, bagaimana seseorang (manusia) menghadapi stres disebut coping. Mungkin dari asal bahasa Inggris “cope”. Nah, coping tersebut ada dua jenis. Coping yang berfokus melegakan perasaan negatif yang disebut coping focused emotion, dan coping dengan menyelesaikan pusat masalah yanh ada disebut coping focused problem.

Saat kuliah dulu, dimana saya sok-sangat-idealis-logis, saya merasa coping focused emotion itu adalah pekerjaan orang yang suka lari dari masalah. Orang yang sehat akan memilih melakukan coping focused problem yang jelas menyelesaikan masalah.

Dan ternyata, saya menjilat ludah saya sendiri.


Tiga tahun belakangan ini, saat saya sudah aktif menjadi pencari sesuap nasi. Dunia kerja jelas berbeda rasa dengan dunia belajar (kuliah ataupun sekolah). Saat di sekolah ataupun kampus, bersikap egois dan individualis tidak begitu panjang dampaknya. Sekadar tidak punya teman atau ketinggalan informasi. Untuk orang soliter nan individualis, hal tersebut bukan masalah. Atau paling tidak, saat sekolah, kita dapat dengan nyaman memilih teman, dan menghindari teman yang tidak menyenangkan.

Saat bekerja? Adaptasi dan toleransi tinggi adalah kunci yang paling baik. Punya rekan sekerja yang tidak cocok dan menyenangkan tidak berarti kita bisa semena-mena minta ganti partner. Kalau kata adik saya yang baru hitungan pekan bekerja, pekerjaan kita dipengaruhi oleh banyak pekerjaan orang lain. Oleh karena itu, bersikap soliter dan individualis bisa berarti bahwa kita tidak cukup profesional untuk bekerja. Nah lho..

Sayangnya itulah yang terjadi pada saya. Saya berada dalam posisi tidak nyaman, ingin mengkonfrontasi sekaligus ingin lari. Tapi tak bisa. Alhasil, begini lah saya. Berkubang dengan kegiatan coping focused emotion. Apakah saya lari dari masalah?

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Hello, Self!

How’s life?

I can’t remember when was the last time I write in this blog. Maybe almost half of year. I am burried by daily things and works, ofcourse. That’s my excuse.

A lot of things which I want to write down but, yeah, just wanting and willing without acting mean nothing.

I don’t remember that I write something about new years things and it’s already March 😱😱

I have a lot of things to catch on!

Aaah, but that’s fine. I need to control my self to be on the track, the track which I love the most.

So, see you again self, see you again my blog~~ 

Last Day of 25 Years Old Girl

25 years old is an adventurous year,
An age where guilty feeling for own self is overflowing,
A phase where everything seems so unclear and unfair.

25 years old is a taking life off,
Where an important desicion taken of,
When failling, falling, and quitting become choises for optimisist.

25 years old is an up and down stage,
Stage of achievement yet failure,
Stage of determined path or trivial steps. But there is no wasting point in living.

An act between self, ego, and grown up etiquette.

Goodnight, 25!
Welcome a mature and wise self[]