Fast-pace Dramas of 2013

I found and watched three interesting fast-pace dramas this year. Full drama with just one line plot. No intense romantic line, full of thrilling feel, and surely captivating. That’s really got your nerves. Oomoshiroi! >.<

Kakoi Banker ^^d

Kakoi Banker ^^d

Let me start with the most popular drama this season, Hanzawa Naoki!!

This drama tells about Hanzawa Naoki and his work as a banker . His rival in work, Asano and Director Owado. His best friends, Kondo and Tomari. Also his supportive and lovely wife, Hana.

Whats really interesting to me is how they, Hanzawa and drama, show me positive side of bank and loan.

In my mind, bank and loan always have negative stereotype. Give you empty hope and then crush you until death. But, Hanzawa is sure amazing. He rude, harsh, but also warm and encouraging. He help mini and micro business and factory, give them loan and encourage them to grow. Hanzawa totally change my perception of bank. I love this side of bank.

The story is great, plot is thrilling, and acting is totally superb. Sakai Masato, Ueto Aya, and Kagawa Teruyuki. Can you deny them? πŸ˜€

This is a must watch drama. You can get thrill, suspense. But also can get friendship, humanity, and also encouraging feeling. Finally, watch Hanzawa! If you don’t, I’ll make you payback. Double payback! πŸ˜€

This is Family Game, Kazoku Game

This is Family Game, Kazoku Game

The second drama is Kazoku Games. This drama is remake from Kazoku Game movie looong time ago. I don’t really know about the movie but I can tell you much about this drama πŸ˜€

Sho Sakurai, Kamiki Ryonosuke, Suzuki Honami is the lead! Β >.< (fangirling mode:on) *just ignore me

This drama tells about family and everything involve around them. Father who ignore their family. Mother who stress and try to run from reality. First son who becomes monster with innocent face. And second son whose been bullied and become hikikomori. This fake family become mess when Yoshimoto Kouya, a home tutor came. And then, kazoku game begin!

Yoshimoto Kouya, the eccentric home tutor try to break the family apart to make them become real family. Strange, is it? Yup, how Kouya make hikikomori son to study and make him face reality is really eccentric, the other word of weird πŸ˜€

The most interesting is how Kouya make father said the truth, make mother’s condition worst, make first and model son become mad, and make second, the hikikomori son face a cruel reality. Its really tense, crazy, and unpredictable. Kinchou tsuru!

This drama makes you realize how family should be. Really tense and thrilling but also make shed your tears.

When you become aware of death. You feel you’re alive for the first time. When you feel you’re alive. You can care about others for the first time.
– Yoshimoto Kouya

Save Soojin in Two Weeks!

Save Soo Jin in Two Weeks!

And the last one is Two Weeks!Β 16 episode length drama tells you about fugitive father who try rescue his daughter. This story run in fourteen days or two weeks. That’s why the title is two weeks πŸ˜‰

Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San is trash-like man. He jailed twice for covering his boss murder case then spent his remaining days without no purpose. Just live lightly as he please.

Drama start when he realize he has daughter, Soo Jin, with his ex-girlfriend who suffering cancer and need his stem-blood to transplant. In the same, his boss make him cover for murder case, for thrice!!

Even though, Β its korean drama but there is no intense romantic line. Okay, there is triangle love line but just in small portion, like salt in meal (because I don’t really like romantic drama ) πŸ˜€

Beside romantic line, I think father-daughter relation has greater feeling. And I really love scenes where father-daughter meet, in reality or just Tae San imagination. They have great chemistry ❀

Jang Tae San & Seo Soo Jin: Kawaii Fathering

Jang Tae San & Seo Soo Jin: Kawaii Fathering

In this world, there’s no such thing as
“There was no other choice”.
– Jang Tae San

Aaannd, there are my reviews of fast-pace drama. Try it and I guarantee you won’t regret it πŸ˜‰

For upcoming reviews, I think it’s better to introduce you to slow pace movie and drama. Please anticipate it!

Finally, have a good time for watch and get million inspiration to open your eyes and heart. Good luck! πŸ˜€


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