The Warm of Slow-pace Dramas

Like what I said in previous drama’s review (which already looong time ago), I’d like to introduce you to world of slow-pace drama. If face-pace drama make your heart beating faster and your brain thinking harder, slow-pace drama show you an entirely different world. It’s slow, nice, relaxing, and give you more and more time to think deeply and philosophically.

Maybe slow-pace movie easier to be found. Yup, just like face-pace movie. But, If you tried to find slow-pace drama, it will totally different. I found and watch (full episode of) two slow-pace dramas.

Heart-warming Drama

Time is Healing and Forgiving

The first one is Yasashii Jikan. That was my first encounter to slow-pace drama’s world. Yasashii Jikan told about story and conflict between father and son. Honestly, I watch this drama because of Kazunary Ninomiya was there as a son and I don’t regret it, they give you an amazing show :).

Taku, a son, has a dark past at high school. He join a gang, became juvenile, until a day he had a car accident which make his mother died. His Father, who depress a lot after his wife died, choose to retire from his work and move to his wife’s hometown, Furano, left his son alone. He started a small coffee shop, The Forest Clock.

Anger, sad, lonely, and regret feeling left Taku alone. Make him scared to meet again with his father. How they, Taku and Father, live, struggling with their own feeling and loneliness, encounter with many people who come and go in their life is an appealing of this drama. This really a human drama!

Coffeshop: The Forest Clock

Coffee shop: The Forest Clock

This drama is really slow. Showing the art of loneliness, town’s feeling, people and forest warm. Don’t expect a thrilling and fast-pace scene in this drama because you’ll never get one! 😉

I also love the OST and music arrangement. Really touching and make me melting~ Really fit with beautiful landscape of this drama and easy listening. The cafe interior is superb! Make me want it one 😀

Watching this drama make me think more about my life, my self, my sadness and anger, my ego and loneliness, and my afraid and forgiveness. Every people has their own problem, everyone has their own sadness. Became warm and open to anyone make you open your eyes and heart wider and wiser. Time always healing and forgiving.

Another drama was Arifureta Kiseki. The title totally catch me!! And I don’t even regret it, there are Kase Ryo and Nakama Yukie as main lead! Arifureta Kiseki told about three people who meet each other and their encounter become starting point of their friendship because they shared the same wound.

Life is an Ordinary Miracle

Life is an Ordinary Miracle

Shota (Kase Ryo) is a man who work as plasterer meet Kana (Nakama Yukie) in subway station when both of them try to save a man who tried to kill his self. Three of them then make conversation, become a really good friends.

This drama told me about how to cope your trauma, your slump, your worst memory which you really want to erased. I love this drama’s plot, theirs characters, and their conversation. It’s really deep and poetic, beautiful and sweet.

Its give me another view of understanding people. Its about understanding your heart and others. Its give your tons of feel which I can’t describe. Impressive with its calm and relaxing mode. Owww, I start feel carried on.

I really fall in love with slow-pace drama. I feel like you step aside from crowd, look onto crowd with different point of view, and then go back with another feeling and another understanding (actually, I copy this sentence from other people 😀 a beautiful description, isn’t it?).

You can try to another piece like Soredemo, Ikite Yuku (I still on progress watching this drama).

Finally, have a nice watching!~


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